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Indiana Generals

The Indiana Generals have their roots in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 1999 Ira Johnson, the former commissioner of the Grass Roots Football League, decided to start up the Indianapolis Tornados again.  The Tornados had been on hiatus for a couple of years after winning 3 GRFL championships from 1993 to 1997.  
Kerry Myers, Troy Edwards & Owen Neill were members of that 2000 Tornados team. Ira Johnson stepped away from the team in 2001, leaving the Tornados in the hands of the players committee. Kerry Myers, Troy Edwards, Owen Neill and Kerry Meyers' wife Michelle were all members of this committee. Vic Pevler, Ian Rozens & Greg Martin all joined the Tornados for the 2001 season.  During this season, the players committee helped the new "ownership" run the Tornados, helping with scheduling, fee collection, uniforms, merchandise, sponsorships, etc.  
As the 2001 season was winding down, Vic Pevler approached Myers & Edwards to discuss the possibility of starting a new team in the football dominated Danville area.  Unhappy with the direction that the new "ownership" of the Tornados was taking the team, they agreed to assemble a management committee with the goal of bringing a semi-pro football team to Hendricks County.
The original management committee consisted of Vic Pevler, Troy Edwards, Kerry Myers, Owen Neill, Ian Rozens, Greg Martin and Dick Martz.  Dick Martz helped with coaching and financial support for the Tornados in 2001. After the wheels were set in motion, a name had to be selected.  It came down to a vote between the Generals or the Barnstormers.  Well, obviously we all know which name won out.  The Generals were originally accepted into the then Federal Football League before deciding to join the Midwest Football League, which is made up of teams from Indiana and Michigan that had split off from the FFL.  The Management Committee has changed since 2002.  Vic Pevler is no longer associated with the team and Kerry Myers retired after the 2003 season.   Tony Laws is now the director of the committee. 
In 2006 the Generals made a move into Indianapolis.  The team began a relationship with the Ben Davis Cadet Football League, and began practicing and playing home games at their little league fields.  From there, they spent two seasons calling Arlington High School home.  In 2010 Tony Laws stepped in as the President of the team and the team moved their home game location to Roncalli High School.  The Generals are dedicated to bringing multiple Championships home to the Indianapolis area.  
The Generals punched their ticket to IFL INTERSTATE BOWL VI and came up just short losing to the Indiana Cutters 7-6. The Generals are becoming a National powerhouse climbing in the National rankings to a franchise high #1 in 2010. The Indiana Generals have won 25 of their last 26 games, have just won IFL BOWL VII and were invited to play in both the BCS CHAMPIONSHIP, as well as a trip to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in January, however chose not to make the trip due to the potential financial burden it would have caused. 
The Generals come off a 13-0 campaign in 2010, and look to do the same in 2011.  Anything short of an undefeated season, an MSFL Championship, and a National Championship is a failure.  “We fear no team, but respect every opponent we face.  Football is the greatest sport known to man, and should be treated as such.” These are the words of our leader and Head Coach Josh Terhune.  For some teams, going 12-1 and coming up short in the MSFL championship might be a huge success.  For the Indiana Generals, that 1 loss outweighs the 12 wins.  We work hard off the field, so that we can play even harder on.  Anything less just disrespects the game of Football, which we will not do. 

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